Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Week in Pictures

So I'm not back to work! The family I nanny for a bit are home from their month long holiday, and Light Box is back after it's month off too. I had a lovely week back home in Bournemouth, seeing my brothers and parents.

I'm really happy that I took my camera and focussed on taking lots of pictures last week. I had a lovely time on my dad's boat, snapping away and making us super-noodles whilst he fixed something, and I took some shots of a very old greenhouse at my brother's next-door-neighbours in Wimbourne.

A very old green house
Love this plant - the one which attracts all the butterflies. Budlia?
Space-age mushrooms. Love the color of them
Hello greenhouse again
What is it?
Tallest mast in Keyhaven, Lymington
Pretty patterned rope
The trampoline part on the catamaran
Big light
Speckled mouldy mastic
Keep off the sea
Lovely colored buoys
Old boat in need of love
amazing colors
Just Lucy, just me
20 eggs
20 egg shells ann squished together (vary satisfying and sensual)
Party in the bath
Smoke in the eye
House on the hill at Branksome Beach, Bournemouth
Sea cam
Majestic Molly (who swam for the first time that day)
Ben and his brolly
My niece and nephew being gangster
Beautiful Bethany
Lovely seaside


Nicole said...

My favorite is "keep off the sea"! Made me chuckle and your egg shell creation. You have a taurean's desire to find the sensuality in everything. Besides, you look ravishing in your photo somewhere near the center where you have smoke in your eyes.... such beautiful and long hair-- don't cut it!
XX Missing you.

KathrynAntyr said...

What fabulous photos. It looks like you had a fun week.

James + Eleanor Gannon said...

Love "Keep off the sea." Smiles all round!

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