Friday, March 27, 2009

Cats and Dogs

...Always make me laugh.

Glue Reciept Mounains begin!

Barfoot and Duggan in action! Lucy and I are using Trevor's reciepts (he has collected every reciept ever since he was 16) to create some kind of mountain. We're working out the aesthetics and concept continually, but getting close to the material - covering it with glue, pushing it around, into cracks and peaks.

We're making small ones, well not really small - 4ft x 3ft mountains, and then taking them on location, on a sunny day, filling in the gaps to make one big mountain, then after lots of photographing and thinking, deconstructing it and bringing it

Eggies I want to do a manifesto

Here are some eggs

My website is nearly done!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make It

My studio is homely now, shelves to be put up this week (made by Nigel)

- Reciept mountain with Lucy
- Text pieces: 'Persevere' particularly
- A mess
- Tidying that up

Nigel Sawing

Here is a video of my fantastic father doing what he does best! The sight and the smell of him with his saw takes me back to being 7 and dusting the saw-dust off for him, and being terrified of the saw. His dry woodwork hands and concentration face.