Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hillbilly costume

I had the pleasure of attending a Hillbilly party last weekend, And thought I would go all out with my costume. With some time on my hands, I created this 'hillbilly mask' - inbred big ears, big lips, furrowed brow, complete with extra finger. It took a whole day and a half of my life. I made it with mod-roc and papier mache. 

Text Project

By taking quirky and inspiring mottos and sayings, mixing them with my own process of entering a dazed state of making through repetitive actions, this is my Text Project. I often have a market stall the Tobacco Factory Sunday markets, and various school fetes throughout Bristol.

Each piece is completely unique, with the lines drawn free-hand and each letter is hand cut. I use vivid-colored card for each design and a good quality mount. A simple yet elegant design for the home, and all made lovingly in Bristol

I have lots of popular pieces in stock. As well as this, I offer a bespoke service, so feel free to commission me.

I charge £6 for each 4” tall letter, and the mounting is at cost-price, i.e. an A3 sized piece would cost around £8 to mount. I arrange framing through Niche Frames, Bristol who can offer a large and varied range of framing options. 

If you live out of Bristol, the cost of postage and packaging will be around £10 depending on the size of piece you select, although i prefer to hand-deliver as the work is easily damaged in the post. I will deliver for free if you live in the Bristol area! 

if there is anything you‘d like to ask, feel free: 

Eggs, Cider, Finger

I like these photographs. I took them. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sailing again

I have been volunteering for Bristol Sailability, who enable young disabled people to sail. It is run from Baltic Wharf, Bristol. And Sailability are looking for more volunteers.

Recent Sketchbook Drawings

I have been doing some drawing in parks, on pavements and at the harbour. Using this lovely ink - Encre Sennelier: "shellac based ink with a transparent satin finish". bought on the Graphotism website, which i really recommend for any kind of art material. They have lovely color-wheels to help you select color.  I use a squeezy pen - a caricature artist at a wedding gave this pen to me after I enquired about his pen - kind chap. It has a long pointed brush which fills with more ink when you squeeze the pen. The cartridge is filled with black ink, but I dipped the end in the yellow ink, allowing the black to seep through a little.

A Greeting

"Hello, how are you"

"Great thank you, and you?"

"Oh not too bad, not too bad at all"

"You're good then?"


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paper Mâché birds and heads

I have been making some bird and people heads.

Made from paper-mâché - PVA glue & water with newspaper dipped into it. I make a sturdy cardboard base by wrapping some around a jar, and then cover with a couple of layers of paper-mâché to make it go really dry when hard.

Man's not finished

Flamingo's finished: 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Apple Process

Here's a short video I made for my final degree work at uni. I hired a spraybooth and sprayed 1,300 Gala apples a specific pink color of car lacquer. The process took a whole two weeks - three layers, and it was important to keep the stalks unpainted - so the applying and peeling off of masking tape was the most laborious part. 

You can read more about what I made and why on the gallery section of my website.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Drawings in the Pub


Hello - Let's Do Nice Things

'Let's Do Nice Things' has a website, it's here
I made this at the Art Club at Shop, Christmas Steps, which was part of 'Let's do Nice Things' takeover last week. I made things what I was told to make.