Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flyers and Business Cards

The time has come for me to print flyers and business card. But it's so expensive! I decided to go with the option of photo printing, using matte instead of gloss photo paper. Boots Photo have a deal where if you join, you get 40 free prints. most big photo developers like Tesco and Asda have this deal too, but Boots seems to be the only one who can provide matte paper.

So I've bought over 900 photographs, which was about £50, these will be flyers for 'There's More To Life Than Lists', flyers for my Text Project, Barfoot & Duggan business cards (4 on one photo, which i have to cut up) and Text Project business cards. AND photos from the last year and a half to update my photo album. I'm very pleased with the finish too, thanks Boots. Thoots.

Oh, I much prefer Moo Cards, they are gorgeous, but quite expensive, so next time, little moo cards.

Lucy Barefoot?

SO apparently my name is Lucy Barefoot, Thanks A-N magazine. How excited I was, featured in A-N! I can put this in my C.V, loads of people will come to my exhibition! But woe is me, I am Lucy Barefoot apparently. And It shouldn't have even been 'Lucy Barfoot', It should have been 'Barfoot and Duggan' But still, mustn't complain! There's More To Life Than Lists is getting free advertising!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Invisible Circus presents Carny Ville!

Wow I had a great night out last night. Carny Ville is a 'circus theatre extravaganza' and I was on of the lucky ones who could manage to get a ticket for the sold out show. The Invisible Circus and Art Space Life Space have transformed the Old Fire Station for the last time to create what feels like a circus village and reminded me of visiting Universal Studios when I was little.

There were 350 performers and apparently only 1000 tickets were on sale. All kinds of things were going on; tours of the police cells, Portrait photography, tightrope action, amazing live music played from a prison cell in the sky, silly dancing, a sit-down theatre, Carny Ville shops, everything... It was a real experience, I want to go again! They have just announced another weekend's dates - the 2nd and 3rd October. the tickets are not yet sold out, but will be, so move fast! Book tickets here

Oh and everyone was in fabulous fancy dress. I felt like I was in a time warp.

In their words: "The spectacle inhabits every aspect and environ of the site with interactive installations and performances ongoing through out the evening from dizzying high wire walkers across the gaping yard space to twisted sideshows, huge Fire spectacles and flame breathing lamp posts alongside an army of deranged walkabout characters who inhabit this bizarre other world."

See the video on You tube

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's More to Life Than Lists Preparation

Here are some pictures from Barfoot and Duggan's exhibition preparation. We're displaying the lists hung from thread from the tall ceilings of Centrespace Gallery, Bristol. And also inside a canopy. There are articles on the walls and displayed on plinths; letters from list donors (including letters of 'no donation' from the Queen, Prince Charles and Armando Iannucci.) We will be asking for list donations throughout the week of the exhibition, to add to the show.

*Exciting News*

'There's More to Life Than Lists' is going to be a featured exhibition in the 'Spotlight' section of the October issue of A-N Magazine. How exciting! I'm predicting lots of people through the doors of Centrespace!

Barfoot and Duggan hard at work.

We have been working really hard to get our Centrespace exhibition ready. We have under a month to go now, and plenty of lists to display; threading and pinning. We are making more reciept mountains and getting some lists and letters framed. There's a lot of work to be done, and we're having fun doing it. Apart from when the list-thread gets in knots!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Walk On The Wild Side

I have come across this amazing TV show - 'Walk On The Wild Side', which is like 'Creature Comforts', but with real animals. It's on BBC 1 on Saturdays at 18:30, and there are lots of clips on youtube. It really makes me laugh, animals are so funny, here's my favorite clips from it:

1. Alan

2. Frog Conductor

3. Owl Burping

4. Night time/Daytime