Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesdays Collages

Drying the poppies

Most of my notebooks have poppy petals in them. I press them, wait about a month for them to throughly dry then peel them from the pages of notepads and sketchbooks, and add the dried petals to my stash. Some of this batch went a little mouldy, but they look beautiful with it.

Summer Wedding

Hello me
I helped out with a wedding recently, a semi wedding stylist if you will. Main jobs were making cake stands and designing the look of the cake table, (the bride asked every one in her book club to bake a cake each, instead of the regular wedding cake) creating the place settings and designing the table plan.

Table Plan

I hand-cut everyone's initial and stuck them onto the plan with velcro - this made it easy to make last-minute changes to the seating plan if guests couldn't make it. They chose trestle tables - with couples sat both opposite and next to each other. I was hoping that the plan would spell out something, but it didn't - not enough vowels. I would like to make something out of the letters, as a post-wedding present. 

Cake table
The whole day was a dream. Bristol Florists Bella and Fifi worked hard on the flowers, they were gorgeous too - some wild flowers, all seasonal and locally grown.

Looking for a photographer in Bristol? All the above photographs were taken by Bruce, here's his portfolio. He also photographs the Invisible Circus lots, so if you've ever been to one of those nights, you should have a look and see if you can spot yourself in the galleries. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Ache

Three Nice Things in Bristol

One: Bentleg - Lets Do Nice Things 

Pop up galleries, life drawing, film showing (Miranda July's 'Me andYou and Everyone we Know' on Mon 26th July at Shop the Shop)

Two: Shop 

A lovely community interest company, vintage clothing and stuff and lots of community arts events. They say: "Shop envisages a world where businesses value people and sociability over profits – and creativity is acknowledged as and encouraged to be an essential part of life. SHOP exists to provide a retailing experience which focuses on conscious consumption and prioritises fair prices and original fashion. This consumption provides the financial means to use the shop space as an arts venue for the benefit of the whole community."

Three: The Happy City Initiative

They say: "Whoever you are, whatever your background, Happy City is here to help you make the most of your street, your community, your neighbourhood, your city. Maybe you’ve got a bright idea and need help making it happen? Perhaps you’ve got a little time to spare or some knowledge or experience to share? You might have an established organisation, looking for inspiration, ideas and people keen to help out…

Happy City exists to spread happiness. To bring people together, making connections between communities so people like you can make the change you want to happen. We don’t promise funding or formality. But you can be sure there’ll be no fat cats, forms to fill out or hoops to jump through. Just normal people like you, working together and using what we’ve already got to make our city better, brighter and happier than ever before."


In lots of places, lots of people are doing some extraordinary things. This morning, after a good long Skype with my sister in New Zealand, I knew I wanted to do some blogging, find some new stuff, get on twitter, snoop around the internet a bit. So here's a great thing I found:

Now Say Hello is a one-man mission to make London more sociable via a bicycle.  Bruno Clarke cycles a lot and has created a point-scoring system for human interaction whilst on his journeys:

Me saying hello – 1 point
Getting a response – 5 points (unless it’s aggressive or rude)
Getting a conversation – 10 points
Getting a joke – 20 points

He's noting down his efforts and scores on the blog, like this:

Saturday 10th July

60 points – ok so it’s a slightly made up number, but I think it’s fairly representative of the day.  I cycled 117 kilometres to Brighton with many a country hello and nod along the way.  Was a lovely ride.  It’s no Tour de France, but I was still pretty please for a lone effort on a hot day.

Thursday 8th July

5 points – after my fellow cyclists, a lady in red, was barked at by an enfuriated oncoming rider, we shared a little “well good morning to him too” as I cycled past.  A jolly end to an aggressive start.  Some people just get on the wrong side of their saddle don’t they.

I'm inspired by this and want to start my own mission - both whilst cycling around Bristol and walking around, and I'll even count when I'm in my car - most people have their windows wound down in the sun.

Join in yourself. Lets collate results.

Follow on Now Say Hello on Twitter - @nowsayhello
Follow on me on Twitter - @lucybarfoot

Heat-press Faces

I  made this a good 4 years ago now, little man heat-pressed onto cotton. I would love a heat-press machine! The special paper transfers its colour onto paper or fabric and has makes these lovely faded colours

Clothing Labels from the Scrapstore

A recent find from The Scrapstore. Off cuts of clothing labels - Just call me Ishmael being my favourite. I might sew that into some of my clothes.