Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Invisible Circus Day of the Dead Ball

Sounds good! I am busy making my halloween costume(S?) and excited about this weekend's Zombie Walk, and possibly this Day of the Dead Ball by the Invisible Circus. Carneyville was just so good, I need more! So the dress code is 'dead cool'?? How about cucumber? Ugh I hate cucumber! Or dressing as your general dead person... but where can I find colored contact lenses?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

More Exhibition Pics

Click on any picture to view it larger

Friday, October 23, 2009

A list of things I thought about whilst in the supermarket

1) If there were chefs cooking in the supermarkets, they would seem a whole lot warmer. People could test out ingredients, trying new things.

2) I feel a little embarrassed when buying loo roll. "I'm going to wipe my bum with this"

3) I don't think I'll stop collecting lists left in the trolleys.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who came to the 'There's More To Life Than Lists' exhibition. I especially want to say thank you to those who supported me by attending the private view and came from far and wide to see the show.

Barfoot and Duggan had amazing exposure for the exhibition, thank you to the Western Daily Press, the Bristol Evening Post, BBC Radio Bristol, Tom Bigwood of Bristol Community Radio, Venue and A-N Magazines.

603 people came through the doors, breaking Centrespace records. One man stayed for 4.5 hours, reading all the lists. People have been inspired to collect lists for us, one man is angry with the queen for not giving us her list ("she's no queen!") we sold 60 catalogs, had a great time setting the work up, and great fun taking it down. We both made hundreds of cups of tea for visitors and had countless interesting conversations.

It is fair to say that we were knackered afterward! Barfoot and Duggan have paused their Lightbox work for 2 weeks, I have been spending all possible time in the studio, ready to return to our hard work soon, refreshed and powerful. We are also thinking about our next art project/how to continue the list project.

If you have any lists you would like to donate, please email me!

I have photographs too! Some mine, some Nigel Barfoot's (photographer extraordinaire) and some I am waiting on from a delightful freelance photographer who kindly took some snaps for us. I will be posting the rest of the pictures tomorrow, hang on

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ina Dorthea Thuresson

My old Uni friend Ina Dorthea Thuresson is obsessed with beautiful and disgusting things,symmetry, repetition, contradictions, butterflies, things that are really small but very heavy, Kaleidoscopes and bacteria.

Here is her Disgusting Beautiful website where she is inviting people to take part and simply add things they find disgusting and beautiful, help her out!
And here is her Wordpress blog
And here is her great website

A list if things which are often in my head

- "1,2,3,4, hit the floor and hit it some more"
- how the highway code states that if you flash your lights it means "I am coming" but we drivers use a light flash to say "after you"
- "ex CLAM ation mark"
- spelling out words an sentences, and counting/noticing the syllables at the same time

Barfoot and Duggan are famous!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


A nice chap who bought an 'OK' text project piece at the exhibition last week asked me for a favor - the word 'Nurture' in my font/text quickly sketched out on photoshop. Done.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Things I cycled over on my way home:
- a flattened sardine tin

Cats I encountered today:
- this one
- this one (picture? Do cats eyes hurt with flashes?)

Strange things I noticed today:

Romantic things I noticed today:

Words I overheard today:

Lists lists lists are on my
Mind. I like documenting my life, as a human sponge, I take everything in. I like the thought of noting down the same things every day, like stalking myself. Perfume. Lucy Ward is a friend of mine and she has been documenting every cup of tea she drinks: http://everycupofteaieverhad.co.uk/ I think I might get more into documenting like this, like how I want to photograph every hot meal I dinner this week. (for dinner tonight i had naughty home made treacle sponge, which does not count!)

Ok bye. I love you iPhone.

About Eccentrics

According to Dr David Weeks, a clinical neurophysiologist at Royal Edinburgh Hospital, an eccentric tends to be intelligent, outspoken, unmotivated by greed, dogged and healthy. Eccentrics do not know they are eccentric: they think their abnormal behaviour is perfectly normal. Because they are not concerned about conformity, they are much less prone to stress. And because of their humour and happiness, they tend to live longer.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Documenting Dinners

Here we have dinner one. I will be documenting each dinner I cook this week. Monday was chipolata sausages with three types of tomatoes slow roasted. + red onion, tinned tomatoes, anchovies.

Weird sausages

Strange symbolic sausages

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There's More To Life Than Lists coverage!

Wow, two articles about the exhibition out today - in the Western Daily Press and the Evening Post. Yesterday Lucy and I were on Bristol Community Radio, and whilst I have been uploading the photos to this post, I received a call to ask if tonight at 5:50 we wanted to be on BBC Radio Bristol. How exciting! Who wants my autograph!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cockpit Arts: Lucy Fergus

My friend Lucy Fergus makes lovely stuff, her process is so interesting.

Cockpit Arts is a 'social enterprise and the UK's only creative-business incubator for designer-makers.' It sounds like such a lovely place to have a studio.

Beige Meal 1

Beige Meal 1: Battered cod and baked beans

I’m documenting every beige meal I eat.

Factory Visits

I was very glad to be part of the Surface/Space/Time at the Crypt. Sam Clift and Eve Wheate did a brilliant job curating, and I invigilated on three different days with three different lovely people: Joohee Hwang, Rona Smith and Lucy Fergus. It’s great being around other artists, sharing advice and referenced. Lucy Fergus uses off cuts from the hairbrush manufacturer Mason Pearson, she has inspired me to arrange some factory visits to further explore my love of process.

Ideal Factory Visits:
  • - Baked bean factory
  • - Jelly bean factory
  • - Brick factory
  • - Cutlery factory
  • - Pie factory
  • - Light bulb factory
  • - Marble factory
  • - Playing-card factory
  • - Sherbet factory
  • - Pizza factory
  • - Crisp factory
  • - The Lush soap factory
  • - Contact lens factory
  • - Hair clip factory
  • - Bra factory

There is a scene in ‘Tommy’ where the mother is working at the ball bearing (?) factory and she feints, pulling hundreds of balls off the belt? And in ‘Babes in Toyland’ in the Toy factory? And oh when there are scenes of the news-paper printing factories on TV. I love the idea of working in a factory, and nearly worked in the Lush soap factory in Poole when I was younger. How do they make stuff? It’s so interesting to me.

Spending three whole days in The Crypt was quite an experience. I was shown the secret half of the crypt – hidden behind old doors, perhaps to one day be renovated and used as a larger art gallery. It was very spooky. Some photographs:

Explore at Bristol

I had a fantastic day out with my brother’s family at the Explore Center in Bristol. It’s so interactive and playful, and the observatory show was great, I finally can name some of the stars! I brought my camera and photographed some quite strange things during my visit; views in mirrors and through microscopes. Button-pressing, long exposure in the fiber optic lights, virtual volleyball and a face in a machine.

Favourite Photobooth Pictures

How I love playing around with Photobooth, on the Mac. It never fails to make me laugh. I wish I could make a larger Photo booth camera – one which could capture you from head to toe, with a screen the size of a cinema screen – you’d be all legs and arms, and you could use horses as extra props.