Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sea scape

Working on this triptych for my Mum's Christmas pressie. It's your usual seascape - she lives in a place called Lilliput, by the sea in Poole. I haven't properly painted in ages! It feels strange, but good.

Studio Space!

Finally, i have decided to get a studio! This may not look like much, but once i lay some white lino flooring down, put some shelves up and get my stuff in there, it will be just the kind of space I need! This is so exciting! It's in Stokes Croft Studios, right in the center of it all. Shared with lovely people too. I move in tomorrow!

Stall success!

Lucy and I had our stall! It was hugely successful, not just in terms of making a little bit of money (Enough to cover the stall and buy balloons and mulled wine) but it was also SUCH a fun weekend, I haven't laughed so much in ages.

Angela & Yannick came to visit, they did some Blind Drawing workshops with us. Elena came too, I drew her and her wild hair a few times. Nicole came on the stall for Saturday. We were the ever expanding stall! We got a star for being the smiliest stall too.

Lucy's bears were really successful, they have such character. We're going to make some more of them together for the next stall. (Start the Bus has free stalls on Sundays?) No one bought my Nice, Love, Yes of Cup of Tea, but it was not the right place to sell those i think - they were quite expensive too.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Carboot Circus

I am working on the things I'm going to sell at Carboot Circus. So much to make, and it's limitless - I can make as much or as little as I like. Feeling like this is not the thing i want to be making, but knowing that it's not far off.

The aesthetic is simple, but i am keeping to the three important elements of the things I make;
  1. Accumulation obsession
  2. Color importance
  3. Labour intensity
So that's good! Thinking about studiospaces - There are possibilities of finding a free one here in Bristol, run down buildings and disused basements. If i had the space, i would make the big, messy and scary things.