Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Blog - I've moved to Wordpress

Click below to be directed to my NEW BLOG. Update those bookmarks! I won't be deleting this blog, so you can still see all the old stuff - but I have taken it all with me to Wordpress, so see you on the other side.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting lost from it and coming back again.

"I thought about an old boyfriend a lot today. i don't know why. i thought about the time he got home from a trip and i came over to see him. his house was full of people but he just came over and took my hand and pulled me into his room and turned up gloria by van morrison as loud as it would go. I can't hear that song without remembering how fun that night was. or how fun it always was-- trying and failing to be quiet because he made me laugh so loud, or made me knock something over, or had me declaring something wildly because it felt good to be wild. One time in particular was the night he decided to teach me all the scientific names for all the body parts. he would say them and i would repeat them and we drank all night that way, getting tangled up and doing accents and getting lost from it and coming back again. There was a sweetness there. he never asked me to be his girlfriend, he just bought me a hair brush and put in it in his room, told me it was mine. it was yellow and he picked it out. on the way home from work i remembered it's his birthday today."

By K.B

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Lucy Duggan and I met two years ago tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fings wot I found

Peter Hovey's Love Blog -

Photographs of people kissing / in love / together

Downtown From Behind -

Creative types riding their bikes around downtown New York City. (VIA Cup of Jo )

Jessalyn Aaland -

"Jessalyn Aaland is an artist, writer, musician and teacher based in Oakland, California. As an artist, she works primarily in collage, using stickers and found paper materials to create dreamy, utopic landscapes of human and other communities."

More Inky

Friday, November 5, 2010

More ink

Can't stop. More masking off, but more freehand.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Seedys: Spring and Summer

Not much is more enjoyable than making batch mix CD's to distribute to your friends. I have made Spring, I have made Summer. Autumn is nearly done - front cover needs to be made, but the track listing is almost finalised. Do you want one? You can have one, maybe. Email me. 

Coughing for spring CD Lucy Barfoot
You Make My Dreams Hall & Oates
Paris Is Burning Ladyhawke
Lolita ya ya Nelson Kiddie
Another Day Jamie Lidell
Alphabet St. Prince
U Got the Look Prince
Hey, how you doing_ Lucy Barfoot
Un Rayo de Sol Los Diablos
After Laughter (Comes Tears) Wendy Rene
Spirit Lake CocoRosie
Under My Thumb Rolling Stones
Skinny Love Bon Iver
Di-gue-ding-ding Michael Le Grand
Dancing In The Moonlight Thin Lizzy
Bring Down The Birds Herbie Hancock
Track 11 Funk ROCK
Green Light Jamie Lidell
It's Great to Be Here Jackson 5
Running In The Family Level 42
Lucus With The Lid Off Lucas
I Didn't Mean To Turn You On Robert Palmer
Track 06 The Science of Sleep
Family Affair Sly & The Family Stone

Organ Donor DJ Shadow
Angelucy Lucy Barfoot
Strawberry Letter 23 Shuggie Otis 
Love Cry Four Tet
Sun, Moon, Stars Mos Def
Jurass Finish First Jurassic Five
Genius Of Love Tom Tom Club
Didn't I Darondo
Anna Ernest Ranglin
Guns are Drawn The Roots
This Charming Man The Smiths
Uhuru Ramsey Lewis
Oooh De La Soul
Black & Blue Miike Snow
Beggin (Original Version) Madcon
Witness Roots Manuva
Good Vibrations-Beach Boys Stanton Warriors
90% Of My Mind Is With You Prefuse 73
Reckoner Radiohead

Masking off

This week, Lucy D and I painted a 'Wellbeing Wall' in Bristol Mind's reception. We created a painted mosaic effect by drawing a 3x3 inch grid all over a wall, using 4 different colors to paint the squares. It took an awfully long time, but nicely absorbing and almost meditative. Towards the end we found we were getting quite sloppy, so masked off some squares to make the much neater. I like the bleeding effect you get when using masking tape with drawing inks. It works but it doesn't work. A happy accident.

Inky drawing

Arid Grid

I don't know, the word 'arid' came into my head

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How Light Box worked for David

Light Box: The Happiness Project took place in an empty shop space in Bristol's City centre during March 2010. 

We recently caught up with one of our case-studies to see how he's doing and ask if the Light Box workshops he attended have made a lasting impression.

I created this short video today, and feel very excited about the work Lucy Duggan and I do as Light Box.

Light Box - How Light Box worked for David from Lucy Barfoot on Vimeo.

Photographs from my walk

A walk from the studio to Old Market. 15 minutes. It's a strange thing, walking. I usually am cycling, getting places fast. Here's what I found:

Leftover Barbie in plant pot

A lot of sandwich choices

Dead wall

And I fell over. 

Broadmead Baptist Church

I recently taught some workshops with Light Box for World Mental Health Week. We chose Broadmead Baptist Church as our location, which is a lovely space - right in the centre of Broadmead, and has the cheapest room hire in the city. It's not too 'churchy' and some of it is quite beautiful.

Drawing The Human Centipede

Drawing whilst watching horrors.

The First of many: The Human Centipede

Dieter Laser, the mad scientist - probably the scariest looking man ever. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bristol Zombie Walk 2010

(Photos by Steve Jennings)

The Bristol Zombie Walk was amazing this year! I think it more than doubled in size this year compared to 2009. Last year, I was a Zombie brocolli:

This year, a zombie leek:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My One Second Movies

My One Second Movies from Lucy Barfoot on Vimeo.

Made from mostly videos from my broken camera, which used to only record videos which are 1 second long.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Big Inspiration from found images

This is going to be a big one... I have bought a new sketchbook and wanted to start this new burst of creation with taking a look at my inspirations. I'm forever saving images to the 'Nice found  images' folder on my desktop, but never really take the time to look at them, so I'm putting them up here, reminding myself and sharing them with you. I've tried to reference the images, but mostly I don't tend to make note. If you own anything and want a link to you on here, no problemo, just email me or comment.

Balloon lady on the beach. My dreams sometimes look like this

Wu-Tang album art

Your breakfast is looking at you

Blissful photo by Sophie Robertson

All signs should look like this

Amber colors in jars

Big hairy/leafy window. They must have a big spider problem though, yuck

I think this came from Sophie Kern

Inside cover of a book

Breakfast themed poster

Big bear

Amazing colors on a floor. I can smell it from here - Marcus Linnenbrink

Peep hole

Alerted dog. I love his little face

Smily dog

Awesome puss

French Vogue interiors, as found by Adrienne Wroath

Bentleg Bentley aka Let's Do Nice Things made this

French Vogue interiors, as found by Adrienne Wroath

Fairy lights photograph well

Big post-it installation

Cosy lions

Llama man

Old fashioned tennis

Zoomy eyes

Cracking colors

A nice color for a bedroom, with clouds too

Phillip Low - he makes diamond sculptures

Phillip Low - he makes diamond sculptures.


Flat-roof jumping. Nice prism

Sexy Scarlett shaving her legs

Little man-boys with big heads

Sophie Scaplehorn as Xmas tree decoration

Truly flowery wallpaper


Found this on the 'Things Organised Neatly' blog. The next few things below were found there too:

MARTIN BOYLE. SWEET WALL RELIEF. 17 x 17 x 17 Rowntree fruit gums.

Abril Lamarque, 1930

Soap bubble popping - image by Joanna Goddard

Baby animals print by Sharon Montrose

This woman has a trapeze in her living room

Adrienne Wroath's Ink printing


Viktoriya S & Karlie Kloss by Patrick Demarchelier

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Max Doyle

Rorschach test

Jessica Stockholder installation

Jessica Stockholder installation


Cyclops Squid made from Super Sculpty by Psticks

series of illustrations by André da Loba

Max Bill

Bowl found by from Debbie Powell 

Shark teeth

Dyed cats

Blurry lines