Thursday, September 23, 2010

Etsy - again

So who's going to buy a piece from my Text Project? I'm so ready to make my first online sale...

Eggs, Logs. Farm Signs.

More Eggs Logs, I've already blogged about this, but it's too good - and recently sprung up in my mind, as it regularly does. 

Back in 2004, in one direction it read 'Eggs Logs', in the other 'Logs Eggs'. Then it became free range, and then they've expanded their produce. I love farm signs, notice them, laugh at them. Look at that lettering, it's divine. nice and slanty. 

Eggs Logs 2004


Free Range Eggs Logs 2010 (Thanks Will Ablett)

Branching out Eggs Logs (Thanks Will Ablett)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Three old Polaroids

Three polaroids I like:

  1. Rob with my dentist tools
  2. My Apples
  3. Silly glasses with shadow in NZ

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New intricate ink drawings

Can't stop making these at the moment. Working on a large one, it's very absorbing

It's Autumn!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Text Project on Etsy

I've just got to grips with Etsy and listed lots of my Text Project pieces for sale.

This work involves a love of process and feature satisfying, repetitive actions. Each letter is painstakingly decorated with hand drawn lines, then hand cut with a scalpel.

Perfect for Christmas, birthdays or the home. AND this 'stock clearance' means it's all discounted. Thanks for looking!

Vimeo silly videos

I've been using my Vimeo account, have uploaded some silly videos. It's for silly videos only, mostly me and Lucy Duggan hard at work, me recording us on Photobooth, her not realising.

Trevor Pork Balls

Pork Balls from Lucy Barfoot on Vimeo.

Hard at work Baker Street 

Baker Street from Lucy Barfoot on Vimeo.

Little man face travels back in time

Man face travelling at the speed of light from Lucy Barfoot on Vimeo.

The last Carny Ville by Invisible Circus!

"The Carny Ville extravaganza returns to set Bristol city centre ablaze one more time! The cities most dynamic and spectacular outdoor circus theatre show returns, back by popular demand ! for one last Hurrah.

Staged in the austere confines of the former Bridewell island Police / Fire hq carny Ville is like a weekend at the craziest festival you can imagine condensed into one night

An incredible experience if you haven't gone already, and if you've been many times before, this will be the best yet. Goodbye Carny Ville! 

Tickets available at Bristol Ticket Shop search 'carny ville' But it's already SOLD OUT on both Fridays! 

IGFest: 2.8 Hours Later Zombie chase game

Phew, I'm knackered. I volunteered for igfest (Interesting Games Festival) last weekend 17th/18th September.

I was a chaser in the city-wide game '2.8 hours later' where players had to get to 6 different locations in a 4 mile radius of Bristol city centre - watching actors play out a scene in each location, giving a clue to where to get to next on their grid maps. Between each locations were chaser zombies, me and about 12 others - who jumped out from behind bins, cars, bushes, behind walls and sprinted after players.

Once caught, players become 'infected' - marked with a UV pen, then sent to finish the game. at the end, they were checked, any infected got put into makeup, and survivors got their photo taken and congratulated:

Players loved it, you pay £10 to play, and it's well worth it. Some of the locations included the old police cells in Bridewell Island, the old bank vaults next to Castle Park, Jacob Wells Car park, a disused shop on Park Street and public toilets on Park Row. This game also pays for the whole of the rest of IGFest, so it's well worth the money.

Volunteering for the game was a great way to spend the weekend - despite being completely knackered (unintentionally walking like a zombie too) I got to meet some great people, barely spent any money, I got to play all weekend. Sprinting after people who are terrified of you is pretty fun, I've never felt so powerful!

Me (far right in scrubs) and some of the chaser collective

Igfest website
All Photos of the undead in the bank vaults here. Photos by The Public
Spooky video of the game made by Will Ablett
Disco Liam tracked his route around the city with GPS

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

IG Fest 2009

Lovely video of IG Fest 2009. It's coming up this weekend - 17th September, can't wait!

igfest 09 from Igfest on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Images in Text

I finally got round to finding out how to create text which has an image in it. And it's pretty easy. My experiments:

This YouTube video shows you how to put an image into text in Photoshop

My Week in Pictures

So I'm not back to work! The family I nanny for a bit are home from their month long holiday, and Light Box is back after it's month off too. I had a lovely week back home in Bournemouth, seeing my brothers and parents.

I'm really happy that I took my camera and focussed on taking lots of pictures last week. I had a lovely time on my dad's boat, snapping away and making us super-noodles whilst he fixed something, and I took some shots of a very old greenhouse at my brother's next-door-neighbours in Wimbourne.

A very old green house
Love this plant - the one which attracts all the butterflies. Budlia?
Space-age mushrooms. Love the color of them
Hello greenhouse again
What is it?
Tallest mast in Keyhaven, Lymington
Pretty patterned rope
The trampoline part on the catamaran
Big light
Speckled mouldy mastic
Keep off the sea
Lovely colored buoys
Old boat in need of love
amazing colors
Just Lucy, just me
20 eggs
20 egg shells ann squished together (vary satisfying and sensual)
Party in the bath
Smoke in the eye
House on the hill at Branksome Beach, Bournemouth
Sea cam
Majestic Molly (who swam for the first time that day)
Ben and his brolly
My niece and nephew being gangster
Beautiful Bethany
Lovely seaside

Stop Motion Fun

I like making Stop Motions. This Web Cam Stop Motion project sounds good. The creator on that website doesn't work with my mac, but I made this one in Photoshop/Imageready:

And some old ones: