Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Speaking of color......

Now I'm not really one for shoes, but sometimes I find nice colored shoes, such as these... and they are on sale!
Kurt Geiger 'Manilla' was was £55.00 now £29.00 mmmmmmm
Kurt Geiger 'Krayon' was £65.00 now £45.00
Kurt Geiger 'Krayon' was £65.00 now £25.00

Uni Studio

Ah how I miss my uni studio. I used to take many pictures of what it looked like. Must do this with Bristol studio, which is a great studio, but i haven't made much in the way of 'serious work' whilst in Bristol.

Uni Studio

Ah how I miss my uni studio. I used to take many pictures of what it looked like. Must do this with Bristol studio, which is a great studio, but i haven't made much in the way of 'serious work' whilst in Bristol.

Surface/Space/time at the Crypt

My London show is fast approaching... It's at 'The Crypt Gallery', London, August 26th - September 9th.

The Artists whom I'm exhibiting with:

Sam Clift
Eve Wheate
Richard Jack
Sue Hotchkis
Mary Louise Evans
Simone Wallace
Lucy Fergus
Mark Houghton
Joohee Hwang
Luke Stones
Rona Smith

I'm creating my glue molds, something I find very enjoyable and is of course all process-led. I used to do lots of this mould making whilst at uni. I have some old pictures, and once some of the current molds are dry, I'll take some pictures. but for now...

Thinking about color here -all these colors together, one for each mold. some quite pastel-ly, very aesthetically pleasing, and fitting into The Crypt well. It reminds me of stained glass.

More good color?

This was as far as I got whilst at uni, but I want to make a large piece, about 4ft squared. Need to think about transportation, glue consistancy, how to speed up the process.

Also need to buy about a hundred ladles. Watch this space.

Text Project update

My text project is going well... after having a stall at the Redland Girls School Fete, I received three commissions, one for someone who wanted a present for a christening - 'Zoe Grace', and two commissions for a gift: 'Love' and 'Peace'

I have discovered that selling at markets is more successful whent he customer feels like they are part of the making process - if they are supplying me with the word, and I go away and make it for them, it's a whole lot more personal and meaningful. It's bespoke.

I'm going to continue with this 'commissioning stall' as opposed to a stall where I have all my stock for sale. And in all future stalls, I will be sat creating the work infront of all market-goers. It's important that people see I have drawn the lines on myself, it's not just pretty paper !

Holly, Adrian and I had a stall at the 'Queen Elizabeth Country Park' Show, which is in Petersfield, and which was a complete disaster. It was raining so heavily, it was misty, there was a really poor turnout, no one was particullarly interested in our stall, which kept nearly falling down. Holly sold one piece, the money recieved was paid back to the train guard when she got charged on the train... and I had a rainy two and a half hour car journey back to Bristol with a car full of damp artwork.

We're seeing this as 'research', we know now to not leave Bristol, there's so many different opportunities for us here.

The Lucy Party: Desperately Seeking Lucy

We made a pinata - shame it looked like boobs/testicles though
11 Lucy's in total, 13 including Barfoot and Duggan. Next time, hundreds!

Pegs to hang completed questionnaires. Balloons hanging from the tree's
Lovely big oak tree in Brandon Hill park, Bristol
Lucy scrolls - each containing the questionnaires, a Lucy pencil and a name-tag.

The Lucy picnic was perfect. I had such a gorgeous Saturday, amongst some lovely people, all called Lucy. It was great to meet you all, and hopefully some of the Lucy's who didn't make it will come along next year.

Barfoot and Duggan are going to make this a yearly event, we're looking to create more interest and involvement with the next picnic - finding a Lucy who has/knows of a nice indoor space to use if the weather is bad, Lucy's who can help us stuffing envelopes/posting letters/putting up adverts/promoting to local magazines. It's going to be big!

We had an as in Venue magazine - we didn't even realise! And Venue have review & picture of the party - it's not in this week's, but was promised to be, so fingers crossed for next week's edition.

More Lucy pics...

The last remaining Lucy's (Minus dog, not a Lucy)

We were sad that it was all over, after our work to make it happen, It finished too quickly.

Barfoot and Duggan post-party

St Paul's Carnival

I had such a great time at St Paul's Carnival on the 4th July. Dancing in the street to Michael Jackson, dirty songs with funny lyrics, I didn't get any food! Everyone in Bristol as one, great atmosphere and connection. Can't wait till next year.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lucy Barfoot Interview

Here's an Edited Barfoot and Duggan interview. And if you click here there is a HunkyDory interview you can view online

What is your greatest fear?
Spiders crawling over my face
Earliest memory?
Vaguely, something involving a paddling pool?
Trait you most deplore in yourself
I find it so hard to speak my mind if something has upset me
Favourite smell
Lovehearts, sweet factories, perfume squirted on paper and kept in pockets, and garlic
What keeps you awake at night?
Who are your friends
My family, and the people I am close to and laugh with. I also think that Bristol is becoming a good friend of mine.
Best thing you’ve ever won
A years supply of condoms.
Favourite word?
Egg. Words with three letters are always quite nice, and egg is such a silly word!
How old do you feel?
I imagine that I will eternally feel youthful, about 20. But I am terribly grown up in most respects, especially with organisation.
What is your greatest extravagance
I don’t think there is anything I’m extravagant about .
On what occasion do you lie?
To my boyfriend, about how much garlic I have eaten.
What is your current state of mind?
Focussed and fun.
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I would change my procrastination capacity. I’d so love to get everything done as soon as it occurs, instead of adding it to a list, only to complete It a week later.
If you were to die and come back as a person/thing, what would it b?
Definitely a cat. A big bruiser of a tom-cat with lion-paws and a ridiculously furry body.
Where would you like to live?
In a different place every two years: A vineyard in France, by the beach in Greece, In New Zealand with my sister, in Bournemouth with my family, in Bristol.
What is your most marked characteristic?
My ability to see the good in everything, everyone. I have lots of love for people.
The quality you most love in people?
Authentic people, who aren’t trying to please anyone, they are just being themselves.
What is it that you most dislike?
I am sometimes guilty of this myself, but shyness is such a restrictive personality trait.
How do you want to die?
I always liked the idea of my next-door neighbour dying at 70 whilst having a tennis game with his new 20-something year old squeeze. But for me now, it would be something quick, with no blood, with no one watching, I would be old and it would be no ones fault.
What’s your motto?
This is it.
What three things would you bring to a desert island with you?
A pen, a lighter, the biggest and thickest note/sketch book you’ve ever seen.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Barfoot and Duggan Biography

Lucy Barfoot and Lucy Duggan met on Remembrance Day 2008 at 4pm. Barfoot got there first, and asked a lady in Café Kino, the designated meeting place, ‘Are you Lucy?’ To which she replied, ‘Yes.’ But she looked confused. So Barfoot asked her, ‘Are you the Lucy that’s meeting Lucy?’ And she said no. Duggan came in moments later.

The meeting had been arranged through Gumtree, the local ad website. Barfoot had replied to a posting of Duggan’s, which requested people’s to do lists. As Barfoot was a list collector herself (shopping lists), lived up the road and was also called Lucy they decided to meet up and swap lists in person to save on postage.

That day in Café Kino, Barfoot and Duggan decided they would make a joint installation of their lists. This can be seen at Centrespace Gallery off Corn Street in Bristol from October the 8th and is called ‘There’s more to Life than Lists’ They became friends and more creative plans soon followed.

Less than a month after meeting, Barfoot and Duggan did a three day stall at Carboot Circus, an alternative Christmas fair. Here they sold Thread Bears, the last ever Woolworth’s Pic’n’Mix sweets, monster umbrellas, blind drawing portraits and big face Polaroids. It seemed to make people really happy. And here the idea for Light Box was born.

Light Box is Barfoot and Duggan’s creative inclusion scheme. Here we provide workshops to increase wellbeing. These combine visually creative activities with techniques from the field of positive psychology.