Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Old Family Slides

Some more of my favourites from my family's slide collection

Friday, June 11, 2010

Little Wings Accessories

Another gem in the Handmade shop was 'Little Wings Accessories' who create handmade feather headdresses. The artist collects feathers from her farm and you can buy the headdresses on her online shop, or even commission her.

Pheasant tall feather headdress

Little Men

Who are these little men? I couldn't stop drawing them!

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

I have started reading Haruki Murakami's 'What  I Talk About When I Talk About Running' - 
which Is the best book title ever.

I'm only half way through, but I can't put it down. He's my favourite. 
Whilst in the Handmade shop, Brighton, Angela and I did a lot of drawing, letraset-ing and stamping

Emily Warren

I spent a day in the Handmade shop in Brighton last week. My friend Angela Chick is part of the art collective who run the not-for-profit shop. There's lots of lovely things in the shop, my favourite being these animal heads by Emily Warren. 

All images are the copyright of Emily Warren 2010

Emily Warren's Stealthy Rabbit Illustration Blog
Emily Warren's Stealthy Rabbit Maker Blog

I tried to draw her seagull

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two Things

A pretty Portuguese water bottle label

Gordon Brown's Stance

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lomo's are not broken!

After thinking that all my Lomo's but the new one were broken, I have just had a little look at them, and two of the total four are ok! This week, I'm going to carry around my Pop 9, Fish Eye and Colour Splash and see what happens.

Interactive flashy websites

MeowMania by Jacqueline Steck
This is Sand (Hours can go by)

Into time  Rafael Rozendaal
Hybrid Moment (I feel like I'm going to explode)


Beige Photo

Not just a Beige Meal, but a Beige Photograph of Beige Meat. This was not all for me, in fact it was undercooked BBQ meat.

Masked Faces

Another babysitting doodle

Elena Pop 9

It's almost a shame that when you get your film developed at a photo developers, you have the choice of getting a CD for an extra £1 or £2. I can never resist, and it saves my time scanning. With the film I got developed from my Pop 9, I got the Cd, and then cut up some of the prints, like this unflattering pic of Elena. Sorry Elena! She is the wrong way round too, but I like it.

You can buy a Pop 9 Camera for £35 on the Lomography website shop: linked here

"One single 35mm shot produces 9 identical images on one print - instantaneously transforming the environment around you into explosions of pattern-repeating pop-art!"

Chat Roulette with props

Chat Roulette + friends + props = fun

Also, very interesting. Rosemary Kirton is exploring this in her final major project on her Fine Art Degree at the University College for the Creative Arts at Farnham. Her blog's really interesting, and these two entries describe a bit about her work:

Rosemary is interested in the work of artist Marina Abramovic, who has just broken a Performance Art record by sitting for 700 hours. The audience is invited to sit opposite to her at a table, Abramovic looking into their eyes. Some last days, some last minutes. Here's an article by the Telegraph about the work. Here's  Rosemary's blog entry about Abramovic

Apples, two years old

I have kept the Apples from my degree show piece - 'Sense' which was exhibited in the following shows:

Barcode, University College for the Creative Arts, Farnham, May 2008

Free Range, Truman Brewery, London, June 2008

Lucy Barfoot, Room 212, Bristol, January 2009

New Contemporaries, Fairfields Arts Centre, Basingstoke, January 2009

They are like tiny little rocks, and they don't smell any more. They are turning powdery - I wonder if one day they will just disappear? The blue and baby pink apples are three years old now. Older, but bigger. Must be something to do with the lacquer? I just spray painted those two and the others were covered in car lacquer, two coats. 

I wanted to upload a video I have of the process of creating these apples, but the internet is not on my side today. Instead, I have here my learning proposal, which I haven't worked on since, but still feels relevant to my practice now.

Learning Proposal      Lucy Barfoot                 Fine Art Y3


I have an addiction to experimenting. A compulsive need to make things. I am experimenting with the process of limiting the creation of artwork. As well as this, I place importance on two inner workings; pleasure in creating and simple aesthetics. Both are vital to my work.

I have no control over THE HAPPY ACCIDENT. I have an influence over my materials, but they are ultimately allowed to do what they want. I am only manipulating, having minimal involvement, such as dripping, pouring, filling, hanging. I am not always part of the work, it creates itself in the time when I am absent. Time and chance allow this to happen. I witness what the materials do, which is absorbing, a degree of immersion is involved – not just being a witness, but being the work; making a performance.

It is important for me to be excited, stimulated by what I’m making. I have a constant dialogue with myself whilst making, whilst still working fast to avoid being too self conscious. The thinking process is important – to keep changing my mind, thoughts evolving and changing.

I have an encounter with the work, my hands transforming the surface. There is a lot of time investment and use of multiples. The monotony of making and labor intensity is important. I appreciate the ENERGY TRANSFORMATION which is taking place, I create rituals of making.

My work relies upon structure and good planning. I figure things out. It is casual, but has beauty and order. It has an intimacy to it, a sensual appeal.

Within this, I regularly work with creating objects which are natural but manmade, I am making things artificial, sometimes influencing the longevity of there natural things, preserving them. I am very drawn to using candy colors. This color selection is important. It is what’s first seen, catching the eye and drawing you in. “what is this”.

I place importance on two inner workings; pleasure in creating and simple aesthetics. Both are vital to my work. this simple aesthetic is shifting to become economy and lightness. I see that this is contained in each of my pieces, drawings and ideas. I embrace this and feel like I have found out what my art is about.

Recently colour has become more important, something to think about rather than to pick at random. Great efforts are going to be made in finding the perfect colour for my sprayed apples. The optic effects of this colour when applied to many units of the same shape will be immense. This links to my sensuality and the enticement of senses. The sickly smell of fermenting apples will increase this optical dazed effect – the viewer will find it absorbing to view.

The encounter with my work is extremely important at this stage. I am a factory worker and the monotomy of these tasks I make myself complete have an effect on me. The balance of control is off-kilter as I feel like I am being controlled by my objects.


At this stage, I am thinking about exhibitions, how my work will stand on its own, how it will communicate – will it be site specific? I need to develop a confidence with placement. What will it be like to watch the reaction of the audience?

The use of words and writing will become manifested in the work in the following ways: 
o       I am thinking about titling work, what that could bring to my work, or if it would detract from it.
o       I am reading more text, such as Bachelard’s musings.
o       I am thinking of writing my own texts, using my imagination, and having writing exercises – such as a piece on what I imagine my final work to look like.

I will also talk about my work more. Advocating the work, speaking about it with authority and care. Having discussions.

I want to use the camera more thinking of the idea of video art, playing with time. Attempting to capture something – a moment when something strange and beautiful happens.

Looking into art as performance. The live art development agency.

Thinking about my ambition, looking to the future.

Commit to being present throughout my impending exhibitions. See this is a chance to advocate the work and be confident with it.

Still thinking about my ambition, looking to the future. How can I use my degree?


Susie Brandt – “A compulsive need to make things.”
Javier Peres – “I think people try to overemphasise the analytical and intellectual aspect of contemporary art. The reality is when contemporary art is being made, the people who are making it are just making it.”
Helen Chadwick – “Gorgeously repulsive, exquisitely fun, dangerously beautiful”
Joseph Havel  - “Even though I make discreet works, I like to consider the way in which everything works together as an ensemble so that there is an accumulative effect, so that not only the work will have a specific intention or construction or some specificity, but the whole group of things will build to one kind of idea.”

Stockwell, Spencer Fitch, Ian Davenport, Anya Gallaccio, Phillida Barlow, Mona Hatoum, Fischli & Weiss, Anish Kapoor, Cornelia Parker, Eva Hesse, Jessica Stockholder, Susan Hillier, Christian Boltanski, Joseph Havel, Permindar Kaur,  Halen Chadwick, Matthew Barney

Anne Bean
Richard long
Richard tuttle
Yayoi kusama

1 subject to chance

And also, my exhibition plan. It's strange reading these two Uni things now, feels like so long ago, and it was.

            Exhibition Plan            Lucy Barfoot


My work is concerned with the sensations and placement of materials. I am attempting a detachment in the making, allowing accidents to happen and time to lead. Pleasure and attraction is involved in this.  My exhibition piece lies somewhere between installation and sculpture.

The piece will be vulnerable, light, and it will have a presence in the space. I am buying 1320 apples wholesale. These apples will be varnished and colour will be applied. This creates a seal, starting fermentation inside the apple. This is a long process of decay from the inside out. it which will be in its initial stages at the time of the Farnham Degree show. the fermentation will shrink the apples, giving off a sickly sweet smell.

I have arranged to use a spray booth as Drakes Shop-Fitting in Bournemouth. I am liaising with the spraying technician, who has suggested using a lacquer paint mix, which would require three coats. The spraying will be completed before May, allowing some time to ferment in time for the degree show.  The significance of using apples is to do with the minimal shape, yet keeping the essence natural. The accumulation of all these units is important also due to the repetition, both aesthetically and in the making; I become a factory worker with a production line.

The placement is key to my work. I am inspired by Richard Long’s closeness to materiality, and wish to create a perfect circle of apples (see drawings) The apples will have a relationship to the space. They will be placed directly on the floor, viewers will be encouraged to touch and get close to them, and will need to kneel or bend over to get closer to the objects.

 Risk Assessment

There is a possible tripping hazard, which the audience will be exposed to. I will need to ensure that the apples can be seen from a distance, and I will need to look into weather it is advisable to put up a sign of some sort. This is more important than just health and safety as should someone tripped on the apples, this would be detrimental to the piece, as placement is key. I do wish for people to be crouching next to them, having a close look, so the placement of a barrier is not an option.

Exhibition Space Required?

A floor space, the work will be 10 foot by 10 foot, and some space will have to be made to allow for viewing. Ideally I there would be a large clearing before any other artwork.


1320 Apples - £150 (need to make more calls and find cheaper/sponsorship
Use of spray booth - FREE
Paint and varnish -  £70


Spraying apples – 3 solid days at spray booth
Apple placement – 2 solid days to work perfectly place each apple

Today's Poppies

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

People at the other side of the world

Todays collage. Found images: from a children's encyclopaedia and Grazia magazine. The circle is a diagram of a soap bubble. 

Poppy Project

Back to square one, scanning them in, like I used to. I have many petals now, but they are so very fragile, I don't know how they can become anything more than poppies.

Violence on the streets of Bristol

When walking home alone at 2am on Sunday night, I was looking for a taxi, and walked up Stokes Croft whilst doing a lot of looking behind me. I crossed the road to get away from shady characters and kept my eyes wide.

I was asked if I could call an ambulance for someone - he'd just been attacked and had blood all over his face, neck, body. He was spitting blood and shaking. IT was really disturbing, and as I waited for the ambulance with him, I told him he was lucky that there weren't any weapons.

I feel so sad that this happens, that people get hurt. This man was so shaken and this will impact his life, and I can't stop thinking about it.