Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There's More To Life Than Lists coverage!

Wow, two articles about the exhibition out today - in the Western Daily Press and the Evening Post. Yesterday Lucy and I were on Bristol Community Radio, and whilst I have been uploading the photos to this post, I received a call to ask if tonight at 5:50 we wanted to be on BBC Radio Bristol. How exciting! Who wants my autograph!


Anonymous said...

Your exhibition today was FAB ! FAB ! FAB !!

I shall try and drag some of my chums along to the exhibition.

How long are you there for ? Guess it may only be a week or so.

Will try and dig out some of my old 'To Do Lists' although they resemble more of a squashed spider.

I may even bring along chocolate if you are good; although bear in mind that being naughty may be more exciting than any choccie I can rustle up.

Once again, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

p.s. Did I mention that your loverly exhibition was FABULOUS !!! ??

p.p.s I cannot help but wonder what was on Quentin Letts' To Do list ?

* Be nasty to Gordon Brown
* Dress up in a hugely unflattering tennis playing outfit
* Go on telly and be quite right wing

Lucy Barfoot said...

Thank you for your comments, it's wonderful to hear that you love the exhibition! Please come again yes, and bring chocolate! We're open tomorrow and Wednesday 11 till7 and we have an end of exhibition party on Wednesday eve, prob 7 till 9, to try and recoup booze money! Hope to see you there.
Lucy B

Anonymous said...

I want your autograph!

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