Sunday, November 9, 2008

Richard Madely

Hello! This is the start of my blog, and about time too! I am using this blog as the place to document my daily creative endeavors.

So today, i cooked a delicious roast dinner, my second one ever. Cooking can feel creative to me, especially so when it is Sunday and we are a little bit hungry - but are willing to wait a bit. It's a pleasure to cook.

I drew this little Richard Madely, it doesn't look like him, but it still is. I was inspired by Lazy Oaf's Gemma Shiel who has made this print of Eastenders characters. So cute. She draws lovely noses!

I have been super-productive yesterday and today, reasearching and reading so many arty websites, which are going to help me to get out of this 'un-motivated/artist's block' kind of thing. There is so much information online for arts graduates who need help setting up, which i didn't know about. It feels good.


AngelaAlways said...

hi darling, you're right on the noses! good ones, AYE.
i hope you upupupupupdate this lots for me to read and adore! maybe next i can start on mine! x

sophie said...

hello lucy! i like your blog... i am following it and i have just made one for myself! it is youarehere-wearehere

where did you find online info for art graduates?! i can't find anything productive and i need heeeelp!

miss you love! i miss farnham!!

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