Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting on with it

I wrote my new years resolutions early last night. Today was the first day of the rest of my life, and it feels good. up at 07.30, spent an hour writing in my diary and visualising the day ahead. Then i went to THE GYM and loved it, and this afternoon i walked for an hour around Gloucester/Cheltenham road taking in everything and really enjoying myself.

I met a nice lady called Lucy today, and infact i met another Lucy, and mistook her for the Lucy i was meeting. We met to swap shopping lists and things to do lists and had a lovely chat. She mentioned morning pages which is something i have forgotten about. Think i'll start doing that.

AND my commitment to being an artist is obviously working because today, unlike ever before, i recieved TWO invitations to be exhibited. How great is that! I have lots of work to do and it's exciting.


Nicole said...


I searched for the morning pages that you mentioned in your blog post and think it's such an amazing idea. I started this morning writing about my dreams that I had last night (all vivid and most sexual.. ha!) I had plenty to write about (and keep me in a good mood, as well).

I was lonely without the crafty ladies this week & kind of wish that it was every week. But I think that every other week gives us something to look forward to.. plus I don't want to ban Milo from the living room every week, even if he is antisocial and doesn't mind.

Anyway, yes, let's do something soon.. you and I. The possibilities are endless. Where do you live?

xxx Nicole

AngelaAlways said...

hello, what lovely news about the exhibitions!
you are miss positivity, you can and you will do everything you wrote on that list xx

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