Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bohemian Babe: Kick Start Your Summer E-Course!

My dear friend Nicole Carlin is the director of Pop Fizz. She's just announced this great and varied E-Course. Here's a link to her blog too.

Learn how to become your most radiant self  and join yoga and dance teacher Nicole Carlin in the Bohemian Babe E-Course to Kick Start Your Summer!

In this online course we'll be taking the 30 days in the run-up to the first day of summer to focus on rejuvenating the body, inspiring the soul and bringing ourselves into a health state of being.  Through this class you may gain a greater peace of mind, more calm and clarity, more energy, weight loss and body toning, among other positive effects. You'll have the opportunity to join with other like-minded Bohemian Babes like yourself in our exclusive social network.

What You'll Get:
Every week you will have 3 new yoga classes to choose from and listen to at your leisure (x12 in total)
A meal plan for all 30 days
Healthy nutrition advice and guidelines
Weekly guided meditations (x4 in total)
A beginners guide to yoga handbook with photos and advice
Natural beauty advice 
Inspirational challenges to kick start your life and creativity
Weekly live streaming chats with Nicole  to as questions
Private access to class material
Private access to a social network of classmates to help you keep on track!
Tips for raising energy levels naturally
Daily motivational blogs and videos
Daily check-in sheets to print off to help you achieve your goals.


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