Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's More to Life Than Lists Preparation

Here are some pictures from Barfoot and Duggan's exhibition preparation. We're displaying the lists hung from thread from the tall ceilings of Centrespace Gallery, Bristol. And also inside a canopy. There are articles on the walls and displayed on plinths; letters from list donors (including letters of 'no donation' from the Queen, Prince Charles and Armando Iannucci.) We will be asking for list donations throughout the week of the exhibition, to add to the show.

*Exciting News*

'There's More to Life Than Lists' is going to be a featured exhibition in the 'Spotlight' section of the October issue of A-N Magazine. How exciting! I'm predicting lots of people through the doors of Centrespace!


Barry Evans said...

I thought you were going use a wind tunnel with the public grabbing lists from a fabricated dome. This looks different to what is advertised in most publications and online art forums.


Lucy Barfoot said...

Hi Baz,

We were going to use a wind-dome, yes. This idea collapsed after failed funding requests. Where have you seen this advertisted in publications?

I have edited my A-N posting, and cannot gain access to things like art-rabbit and bristol listings to change the online adverts - most websites advertise the exhibition without my consent so I have no control over those, but I didn't know of any publications which mention the wind dome.

Thank you,

Barry Evans said...

Cool, I saw the newspaper article. Congratulations, it looks like something worth seeing regardless. The online publications I saw may have been dated.


Lucy Barfoot said...

Thank you Barry, hope to see you in the gallery

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