Monday, June 8, 2009

Pinhole Photography workshop

Yesterday I attended a Pinhole photography workshop, lead by Justin Quinnell (who has a great pinhole website) we made three camera's and took some pics with the beer can cam, and took away a camera made from a film canister, which is a 6-month pinhole camera, which I am going to set up somewhere in Bristol. Where?? I have to set it up on June 20th, on the Summer Solstice, pointing south. the sun burns into the photo, here's an example of one of Justin's: Clifton Suspension Bridge.

The workshop has given me loads of ideas.... putting a pinhole in a helium balloon in the sky, on my car whilst driving, posting one, putting one in a clock, photographing a yoga class, tying one to Trevor's bike, putting one in my mouth, playing tennis with one.


AngelaAlways said...

pinhole photography is on my to do list for the summer

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